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Dr. Vinay Joshi

President, ROSA

Dear Friends & Colleagues

Dear friends, good day, wishing you happy Dussehra and Deepavali in advance. We have almost completed the half year of this tenure, and gradually we are achieving our goal of increasing ROSA memberships. This half year was full of academic activities. Bone and Joint week was celebrated very enthusiastically all over Rajasthan. This participation shows our presence at the national level as an active Association. Thank you very much for the efforts.

Kota chapter under the leadership of Dr. A. K. Tiwari, Dr. N.K. Gupta, Dr. Gaurav Rohatgi and Dr. C.M. Goyal are working hard to make the next ROSACON a great success. Dr. Mohan Mantri and Dr. Rajesh Goyal are guiding them properly. I request you to make it a grand and memorable event. Kindly register and participate in this conference as much as possible. You will enjoy this conference, as it is full of academic and fellowship activities.

I personally thank our dynamic Secretary Dr. Jayant Sen and Editorial Board for publishing ROSA Voice regularly and effectively.

I don't like that you will walk behind me.

I also don't like that you walk ahead of me.

I request you to walk with me like a true fellow and friend, we will remain united.

Thanking you,


With Regards

Dr. Vinay Joshi

(President, ROSA)