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Dr. Rahul Katta

Secretary, ROSA

Dear Esteemed Members,

Greetings from the Secretariat of ROSA!

I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for giving me opportunity to serve as the Hon. Secretary of ROSA.

We are privileged to be the part of an association that started as a dream of our seniors and was guided and nurtured by the vision of many great and noble stalwarts. Every fraternity member belonging to the ROSA contributes to its evolution in his own way. For me, it is a very special privilege to be its Hon. Secretary, having served the association in various capacities.

All these years', efforts have been made in the right direction and we are simply trying to carry forward the legacy.  We are looking ahead with hope, and a positive attitude to see an even more vibrant and academically active association that can offer a platform to our younger colleagues.

We all need to work hard, everyday to take the specialty of orthopaedics to new heights keeping in mind the ethics, and the zeal to learn and share knowledge.

I seek the good wishes and blessings of seniors, friends and all the members in the coming years. I shall remain indebted to the members for their support and co-operation in all time to come.


Dr Rahul Katta

Hon. Secretary, ROSA